The Heights Family Church of Christ
137-141 Croudace Street, New Lambton Heights NSW 2305 Australia - Phone: (02) 4040 5566

Our Doctrinal Statement



The following Doctrinal position will be taught by the Church.

Belief about God

The Universal Fatherhood of God.
The Tri-Unity of the Godhead, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
The Deity of Jesus Christ as God the Son.
The Deity and personality of the Holy Spirit.

Belief about Creation

The existence of all things is by God's Special Creation.
Noahs Flood as a universal catastrophe.

Belief about the Scriptures

The supernatural, plenary inspiration and inerrancy of the Holy Scriptures.
The Holy Scriptures as the Authority for faith and doctrine in the Church.

Belief about Salvation

The fall of mankind into sin and redemption through the substitutionary
atonement of Christ.
The necessity of new birth for salvation by the Grace of Christ through faith.

The Biblical practise of baptism by full immersion.

Belief about the Church

The Church as the Body and Bride of Christ and the spiritual home of believers
The oversight and governance of the Church is by the Eldership, the service
and management of the Church is by the Deaconate.
The regular attendance at the Lord's Supper on the Lord's Day.
The maintenance of good works as demonstrating true faith.

Belief about the Devil and Angels

The existence of Angels as God's servants.
The existence of the Devil (Satan) and his angels.

Belief about end times (Second Coming)

The Rapture of the Church and Premillennial return of Jesus Christ to earth.
The future regathering and salvation of Israel.
The Millennial Reign of Christ on earth.
The Resurrection and final judgment of all people to everlasting life for
believers and everlasting damnation for unbelievers.